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Cloud Services, Data Centers Among New Trends at OFC/NFOEC

By Biswanath Mukherjee

What do optical communications and optical networking do to enable cloud services, a necessity due to the high-bandwidth demands that people like you and I put on the network because of new video-enabled applications? How can our industry meet the demands of the exponential growth in traffic from these applications? And what does it all mean to our society? One of OFC/NFOEC’s plenary speakers, Bruno Orth of Deutsche Telekom AG, will tackle this topic from the network operators’ perspective. He’ll talk about how providers are working to transform their networks to meet these increased demands. It’s really a must-see presentation.

Since the first Optical Fiber Communication Conference in 1975, OFC/NFOEC has and continues to be the world's leading event in optical communications and networking. We maintain that leadership position by tracking and highlighting the newest trends and making sure that our programming is at the leading edge. In addition to the cloud service topic, another relatively new focus this year is data center communications. Among the many program highlights in this area is a new short course program on Datacenter Networking 101. This course, led by experts from Google, will talk about the way we move and store data, and how optics will play an important role in that evolution. For example, the way the architecture of data centers is evolving, the data center doesn’t need to be right next to its users—in fact, it can be physically located anywhere in the world. In the near future, it could be located wherever it can be most cost effective and energy efficient.

OFC/NFOEC concentrates a lot on resources for its attendees, and the topics covered in our programs are designed to allow participants to really deepen their understanding of where the industry is headed. We are excited about all the new content we are offering this year’s conference.

Biswanath Mukherjee
University of California, Davis
OFC/NFOEC General Co-Chair

Posted: 2 March 2011 by Biswanath Mukherjee | with 0 comments

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