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Why I’m Attending OFC/NFOEC 2012

By Weihua Guan

The 2012 OFC/NFOEC conference is particularly attractive since the optical communication market is going through a big change. Since last year, the optical communications industry has attracted more investments and created more jobs.

Compared with the global economic woes, the optical fiber industry went through a particularly thrilling pickup. The booming popularity of smart phones and data centers necessitate the expansion and upgrade of the existing optical network. Videos, voice over IP and other kinds of data traffic force the network carriers to make more investments on networks. With the new technology of mobile storage and cloud computing, optical fiber industry expands quickly.

In the access network, PON have been more and more accepted as an alternate to DSL. In the first quarter of 2011, the fiber to home computers increased 35% compared to last year. While the DSL terminals have decreased by 5%.

In optical transmission networks, ROADM went through explosive growth in 2010. As service providers seek to upgrade their metro and backbone networks, the ROADM component and subsystems market is poised to grow strongly.

The development of the optical fiber industry has never been more tightly connected with smart phones. The appearance of online application stores, the popularity of mobile video and gaming has changed the prospects. One can imagine there will be demands for downloading high-resolution movies in one second, and interacting with your friends far away using cell phone video cameras. Most of these applications, which require large bandwidth, rely on the optic fiber communication technology.

The world is changing more rapidly than ever before. We can expect an exciting 2012 OFC/NFOEC in this special era. Let’s meet more professionals, more business partners and more new friends in OFC/NFOEC 2012.

Weihua Guan, optical research engineer at Oplink Communications, Inc.

Posted: 2 August 2011 by Weihua Guan | with 0 comments

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