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San Diego Convention Center,
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SC386 - The “SDN” Evolution of Wireline Transport due to “Cloud” Services and DCI Innovations

Sunday, 19 March
17:00 - 20:00

Short Course Level: Advanced Beginner


Loukas Paraschis; Infinera, USA

Short Course Description:

The most significant evolution in wide‐area networks (WAN) of the last 10‐15 years is underway, motivated by the extensive proliferation of data‐center based “cloud” service delivery. The wireline transport infrastructure of the new WAN architectures is usually dominated by the innovations in interconnecting data‐centers (DCI), and in the related software defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV). This introductory short‐course reviews the important characteristics of wireline transport for DCI and “cloud” service delivery, focusing particularly in the significant innovations in routing and optical. The increasing availability of cost‐effective, high‐capacity, and reliable network connectivity has enabled the explosive growth of Internet‐based service delivery models, commonly referred to as “public‐cloud”. Traditional dedicated network connectivity (VPN) has also been evolving to accommodate data‐center based “private‐cloud” service delivery. Networking has been crucial in optimizing the cost‐performance of the combined “hybrid‐cloud” infrastructure, consisting primarily of data‐centers of massive compute, and storage resources. As a result, DCI has become the largest source of Internet traffic, motivating its evolution towards flatter, more densely connected transport architectures, with important implications for routing and optical operations, engineering, and planning. The WAN evolution due to the increased importance of DCI has also been combined extensively with the adoption of significant software innovations in network programmability, virtualization, and control plane evolution, collectively referred to as SDN and NFV. This course tries to identify, beyond any hype, the main use‐cases and value of SDN and NFV that are important in the new “cloud‐based” wireline transport. For example, in addition to the initial use inside datacenters of SDN for service overlays, wireline SDN transport can advance network automation, traffic engineering optimization, and security. The course also discusses the emerging SDN architectures and technologies; notably the Openconfig, and Open ROADM industry abstraction frameworks, and protocols like YANG, NETCONF/RESTCONF, gRPC, or PCEP/C, and Source Packet Routing (IETF SPRING), which collectively aim to improve the operations and utilization of the core and metro/access transport infrastructure. At the same time, DCI innovations have been simplifying routing, and focusing on multi‐Terabit optical transport based on flex‐spectrum super‐channel DWDM transmission. The course evaluates all these software and hardware innovations, and their potential synergies. Active research and standards efforts are also summarized.

Short Course Benefits:

This course should enable you to:

  • Explain the significant evolution in the Internet wireline transport, due to the proliferation of datacenter based “cloud” service delivery.

  • Describe the innovations in interconnecting data‐centers (DCI), software defined networking (SDN), and network function virtualization (NFV).

  • Determine, beyond any hype, the use‐cases and value of SDN and NFV in the “cloud‐based” wireline transport.

  • Compare the emerging SDN architectures, technologies, and protocols.

  • Discuss the DCI innovations in routing and optical transport.

  • Identify the synergies of SDN with DCI routing and optical transport.

  • Summarize the industry, research, and standards efforts in “cloud” transport.

Short Course Audience:

This short course is primarily intended for researchers, students, and industry professionals in optical fiber communication that wish to obtain a perspective on the wireline network transport evolution, with particular focus on the implications of cloud service delivery, and SDN/NFV, and DCI technologies. Past attendees of SC386 will find substantial updates and new information, and are welcomed to attend again.

Instructor Biography:

Loukas (Lucas) Paraschis is senior director of data‐center transport for Internet cloud and content providers at Infinera. From 2007‐2015 Loukas was cisco’s senior technology architect for WAN transport in global service provider, and before a cisco technical leader in optical networking and routing (2006‐2000). He completed graduate studies at Stanford University (PhD applied physics 1999, MS EE 1998), has (co)authored more than 100 peer‐reviewed publications, invited, and tutorial presentations, a book, two book chapter, and three patents, and has been associate editor for the Journal of Optical Communication and Networks, guest editor of the Journal of Lightwave Technology, chair of multiple conference organizing committees, Fellow of the OSA (2011), senior member of the IEEE (2006), and was an IEEE Photonics Society Distinguished Lecturer (2009). Loukas was born in Athens, Greece, where he completed his undergraduate studies.

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