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San Diego Convention Center,
San Diego, California, USA

Ultimate Capacity Limits for TDM/TDMA PON

Event type: Workshop


Derek Nesset, Huawei, UK; Naoki Suzuki, Mitsubishi Electric, Japan; Lilin Yi, Shanghai Jiao Ton Univ., China


This workshop will pose the question as to whether there is an ultimate limit to conventional TDM/TDMA PON capacity. Already, the ITU-T has moved to the wavelength domain with the multi-channel NG-PON2 system and the IEEE is developing specifications for a 100G EPON system using four wavelengths at 25Gb/s. However, multiple wavelengths add some technical and operational complexity to the PON system and the question naturally arises as to what could be achieved with a single wavelength channel per direction?

This workshop will address this tough question from a number of perspectives to drive a debate as to the real limiting factors. Expert speakers will be invited to deliver concise but opinionated presentations on a sub-set of the following issues:

  • What transmission techniques could be used to compensate for dispersion, device bandwidth limitations… etc?

  • Can deployed ODNs with up to ~30dB loss be re-used?

  • How far can the launch power be increased?

  • Will optical amplifiers be necessary? Can they be practical and low-cost?

  • What are the limits for receiver sensitivity? What about the burst mode issues?

  • What receiver types could be used e.g. coherent or direct detection?

  • When does it just become much more cost efficient to add wavelength channels?

  • Are new PON protocols needed? For example to limit the power burden of continuous downstream frame processing or to support new services?

  • How much more can be gained from electronics e.g. DSP, FEC...?

  • How can low cost optical devices be realized for high-bandwidth PON implementation?

  • What optical modules could be used? Is power consumption a killer? What about TO-cans?

  • Is there a role for silicon photonics?

  • Does co-existence with legacy PON limit what ultimate capacity could be achieved?

  • What are the applications driving to higher capacity?

  • Do network operators see advantages for multiple-channels or would single channel be just as good or, even, preferred?


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