The Optical Networking and Communication
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San Diego Convention Center,
San Diego, California, USA

Electro-optical Integration in a Package. What Technologies and Business Models can Make it Happen?

Event type: Workshop


Marco Fiorentino, Hewlett Packard Labs, USA; Bert Offrein, IBM Research GmbH, USA; Samuel Palermo, Texas A&M Univ., USA


Optics on the package becomes a necessity for moving to higher aggregate and channel data rates. Data processing overhead such as signal pre-emphasis and clock data recovery at the electro-optical transmitter help to avoid hitting the power wall. Furthermore, tight package-level electro-optical integration offers a path towards reducing today’s assembly overhead of optics in discrete pluggable transceivers and hence cost. Despite these supporting arguments, various critical questions remain. Who provides what in such an ecosystem? Is this the rise of the OSAT suppliers in optics and what’s the role of transceiver companies? How is liability arranged? Can such systems grow as you go or is this no longer necessary in such a model? In this workshop transceiver vendors, assembly houses and system integrators will discuss about a path towards and the vendor ecosystem for future package level integrated electro-optical subsystems.


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