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San Diego Convention Center,
San Diego, California, USA

Challenges in Designing and Commissioning “Open Cable” Submarine Systems

Event type: Workshop


Herve Fevrier, Facebook, USA; Dmitri Foursa, TE Subcom, USA; Lara Garrett, TE Subcom, USA


As the industry moves towards the adoption of ITU standards, it is important to understand the system characterization parameters and capacity expectations. Simple back-to-back transponder characterization and system OSNR measurements are not sufficient for accurate system performance evaluation.

  • Is there a set of system and transponder parameters that will allow accurate prediction of system capacity?
  • Is it even possible to accurately predict the system performance with the evolution in transponder nonlinearity compensation capabilities?
  • How do we commission "open cable" system?

The workshop will discuss characterization metrics for "open cable" system application and existing experience with system commissioning. B2B performance and nonlinearity compensation capabilities of different transponders will be discussed, as well as necessary system parameters required for 'Black Box' system characterization.

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