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Short Courses

SC185 - Hands-on Polishing, Inspection and Testing of Connectors

Monday, 21 March
13:30 - 17:30

Short Course Level:


Steve Rounds1, Steve Baldo2, Loic Cherel3; 1Light Brigade Inc., USA, 2Seikoh Giken Co. Ltd., USA, 3Data-Pixel, France

Short Course Description:

This course consists of three stand-alone segments that are supervised by fiber-optic experts specializing in each particular discipline. Each segment has specific tasks to be performed, measured and documented related to the specific tasks and includes both knowledge and skill (hands-on) components. The first segment, Fiber-optic Polishing, focuses on mass-production termination techniques that work with fiber optic connectors including SC, LC, and multifiber connector types with UPC and APC polishes. Learn how to achieve low insertion loss, low reflectance, optimum end-face geometry and improved production yields. The second segment, Fiber-optic End-face Inspection, explains the principles of microscopy and interferometry as they relate to the inspection and testing of fiber-optic plugs and termini. Hands-on demonstrations will show how microscopes and interferometers help to control the polishing process by checking for damage and measuring end-face geometry. The third segment, Connectorization Testing, reviews the test equipment used for attenuation and reflection testing after the polishing process is complete. The assemblies manufactured in the course are used in the testing to allow the course attendee to follow the production from assembly through testing processes.

Short Course Benefits:

  •  Measure optical attenuation measurements and expected variations at 1310/1550/1625nm.

  •  Measure optical return loss and define its relationship to connector polishes, polishing procedures and test methods.

  •  Identify contaminants, their cause, and how to resolve contamination issues with a variety of cleaning products.

  • Identify and discuss the fundamentals of the polishing processes and their impact on attenuation and reflection.

  •  Identify and determine how to adjust variables that affect end-face geometry.

  •  Measure scratches using automatic analysis equipment.

  •  Apply the criteria for pass/fail in quality assurance programs and applications.

  •  Determine how the immediate feedback from the interferometer will help control the manufacturing process, creating higher performance terminations and increased production yields.

Short Course Audience:

This course is applicable to those involved with fiber optic terminations from the novice to production engineers and managers involved with laboratory, manufacturing, and field disciplines. A basic knowledge of fiber optics is expected.

Instructor Biography:

Since 1987, Light Brigade has instructed more than 50,000 attendees in its classes and special events that focus on fiber optic topics such as design, maintenance and testing, including topics such as OSP, networking, FTTx, DWDM and PMD. Since 1990, Light Brigade has provided a variety of special events at the OFC/NFOEC and CLEO conferences.

Seikoh Giken (SG) provides high performance interconnectivity solutions for network systems and chip level applications. For networks and testing, Seikoh Giken provides premium patchcords (SMF and PMF), adaptors and attenuators. For manufacturers, SG manufactures ferrules, tunable connectors, polishing equipment, and films and photonic packaging technologies.

Data-Pixel is an international leader in technology for image-processing-based test and measurement equipment, since 2001. The fast company’s growth has been primarily achieved by supplying the increasing metrology needs of the fiber optic industry for telecommunications with innovative solutions and superior customer support. Data-Pixel’s subsidiary, RX-Solutions, develops X-Ray-based 3D scanning solutions (Industrial CT) systems and offers measurement services.

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