The Optical Networking and Communication
Conference & Exhibition

San Diego Convention Center,
San Diego, California, USA

Transport SDN: Commercial Applications, Solutions and Innovation Areas

Thursday, 23 March 2017; 15:00 - 16:00
Expo Theater II


Session Description

We will review the status and progress of Transport SDN commercial applications & solutions as well as current innovation areas. You will hear about:
  • Operator use cases and applications for T-SDN, including leased line services and data center interconnection
  • Operator challenges in T-SDN deployment, including evolution from legacy systems
  • T-SDN architecture and solution trends, including key standards and open source efforts supporting open, modular solution implementation


Christopher Janz, Technical Vice-President, Transmission Product Line, Huawei, China

Dr. Christopher Janz is a technology team leader at Huawei.  He focuses on strategy, portfolio development and research related to Transport SDN.

Chris has been an advocate of and contributor to the software-defined networking movement from its early days.  He currently serves as Vice Chair for the Open Networking Foundation's Intent NBI Sub-Group (Open Source SDN Project Boulder) and is active in the ONF's Services area broadly.

Chris has 20 years of industry experience in roles including primary research, system architecture, and R&D management, product line management and strategic marketing.  He holds a B.Eng. in engineering physics from the Royal Military College of Canada, a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the University of Alberta and an M.B.A. from Queen's University.  He has previously worked at Ciena, Alcatel-Lucent and other companies.


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