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Los Angeles Convention Center,
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Panel V: Photonic Integration Business Case – Reality Check

Panel V: Photonic Integration Business Case – Reality Check

Thursday, 23 March
10:30 - 12:00

Panel Description:

Driven by 100Gbps in long haul as well as in data center applications, there is continued progress for companies to commercialize products based on integrated photonics on the InP, GaAs and Silicon platforms. InP and GaAs technologies have dominated the market over the last decade, and recently we have seen successes by vendors to ship integrated products using silicon photonics. This panel brings together experts from key players and continues to review the start of the art in photonic integration with a focus on deployment scenarios for both telecom and datacom. It aims to address the key questions as follows:


  • What are the key challenges to realize the high volume and low cost?

  • Which technologies offer the best approach to reduce the cost for manufacturability?

  • Will Silicon Photonics ever replace the more mature InP and GaAs technologies?

  • What are the lessons learned from the experience of deployment?

  • How does photonic integration address the emerging application needs?

  • Are there any new and noteworthy products being commercialized today?

  • What is the status of new developments and standardization of packaging solutions?

  • Where are the market opportunities for optical integration technologies?

  • How does the outlook or roadmap look like for next 5 years?





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