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Panel IV: Market Outlook for High Bandwidth Optical Technologies

Panel IV: Market Outlook for High Bandwidth Optical Technologies

Wednesday, 22 March
15:30 - 17:00

Panel Description:

The industry is quickly moving beyond current “standard” optical bandwidth, which is represented by 32GBaud. With advancement in electro-optic and DSP components using higher symbol rate transmission, up to 64GBaud has been proved to be a feasible technology and will be commercially available soon. The new high-optical bandwidth technology will significantly decrease the number of components inside modules and systems, moderately increase spectral efficiency by removing guard bands in superchannels, and meaningfully reduce module sizes, power consumption and costs. With this technology, fewer optical carriers are needed to provide 100Gb/s, 200Gb/s and 400Gb/s data equipment interfaces.  And to support transport channels, for example, single carrier 400Gb/s-channels will be available. The technology also provides an opportunity to have multiple symbol rates in a module, so that the concept of “liquid bandwidth” can truly be realized. Thus giving the optical channel adaptability that is optimized according to transmission conditions by adjusting its modulation format and symbol rate.
This Market Watch session will provide an overview of market outlook and real benefits of high optical bandwidth technology, review its influence to development in other technology sections, such as high-speed backplane, and address some related challenges in product development, such as high sampling rate. The session will also give a preview of technologies and markets beyond 64 Gaud. 





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