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San Diego Convention Center,
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Panel II: Market Outlook for High Bandwidth Optical Technologies

Tuesday, 21 March
12:30 - 14:00
Theater I

Tiejun Xia; DMTS, Verizon Communications, USA


Panel Description:

The industry is quickly moving beyond current “standard” optical bandwidth, which is represented by 32GBaud. With advancement in electro-optic and DSP components using higher symbol rate transmission, up to 64GBaud has been proved to be a feasible technology and will be commercially available soon. The new high-optical bandwidth technology will significantly decrease the number of components inside modules and systems, moderately increase spectral efficiency by removing guard bands in superchannels, and meaningfully reduce module sizes, power consumption and costs. With this technology, fewer optical carriers are needed to provide 100Gb/s, 200Gb/s and 400Gb/s data equipment interfaces.  And to support transport channels, for example, single carrier 400Gb/s-channels will be available. The technology also provides an opportunity to have multiple symbol rates in a module, so that the concept of “liquid bandwidth” can truly be realized. Thus giving the optical channel adaptability that is optimized according to transmission conditions by adjusting its modulation format and symbol rate.
This Market Watch session will provide an overview of market outlook and real benefits of high optical bandwidth technology, review its influence to development in other technology sections, such as high-speed backplane, and address some related challenges in product development, such as high sampling rate. The session will also give a preview of technologies and markets beyond 64 Gaud. 


Tiejun Xia; DMTS, Verizon Communications, USA (Moderator)
Adam Carter; Chief Commercial Officer, Oclaro, USA
Ron Johnson; Cisco Systems, Inc., USA 
Hideki Isono; Market Segment Director, Fujitsu Optical Components, Japan
Atul Srivastava; Chief Technology Officer, NTT Electronics America, USA
Winston Way; CTO, Systems, NEOPhotonics Corp, USA



Tiejun Xia; DMTS, Verizon Communications, USA (Moderator)

Tiejun Xia is an expert of optical communications at Verizon and an Adjunct Professor at Miami University in Ohio. He has a Ph.D. degree from CREOL, the University of Central Florida. He has published numerous technical papers, three book chapters, and holds more than 70 U.S. patents. He is an OSA Fellow and has been featured as “Verizon Innovator” on YouTube. He is actively promoting innovation in local communities. Currently he serves on the executive board of IEEE Dallas Section as Chief Innovation Officer.

Adam Carter; Chief Commercial Officer, Oclaro, USA

Ron Johnson; Sr.  Director of Architecture and Product Management, Cisco Systems, Inc., USA 

Ron Johnson manages Cisco’s optical portfolio and the integration of IP and Optical.  He has held this position for 9 years and has worked with Cisco’s optical group for more than 16 years.  He holds multiple patents related to Cisco’s product offerings.  Ron’s team is responsible for recent innovation and integration in DWDM, Packet and TDM technologies.  Ron has been in telecom for the last 19 years.  Starting out in Pacific Bell/SBC where he obtained a large carrier operational perspective that has found it’s way into Cisco’s IP+Optical portfolio.

High Bandwidth Optical Components

Hideki Isono; Market Segment Director, Fujitsu Optical Components, Japan

Hideki Isono is the Market Segment Director of Fujitsu Optical Components, where he is responsible for strategic direction and product portfolio, especially related to standardization activities for optical components. After he received the B.S. degree in physics from the University of Tokyo, in 1981, he has been involved in the broad range of research and development projects of optical components (passive/active/transceivers) in Fujitsu for over 35years. His current job includes global standardization activities such as OIF/IEEE802.3 and IEC. He received IEC1906 award in 2013 and now a convenor of SC86C WG4.

Optical Components for Next Generation High baud-rate Optical Networks

Atul Srivastava; Chief Technology Officer, NTT Electronics America, USA

Atul Srivastava, Chief Technology Officer of NTT Electronics America, has over 30 years of experience in the optical communications. He started his research career at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in India followed by Bell Laboratories in USA, where he served as the director of Optical Amplifier research department. He was the Chief Scientist of Optical Amplifier startup Onetta. He is credited with over 100 publications, and over 12 United States patents.   He is editor of a book on “Optically Amplified WDM Networks”. He was general co-chair of the Optical Fiber Communications Conference (OFC) 2011, and is currently serving on the OFC Steering Committee. He is a chair of the SPIE’s Photonics West 2017 Technical Program Committee. Dr. Srivastava currently serves as US Technical Advisor for standards activity of IEC SC86C – Fiber Optic Systems and Active Devices, and convener of the Optical Amplifiers and Modules working group. He is a member of Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) and is the editor of the Gen2 100G Long-Haul Module MSA.He recipient of the Bell Laboratories President's Gold Award, and the Trophee du Telephone in Paris. He was elected Fellow of Optical Society of America in 2003. He received the 1905 Award of the IEC in 2009.

Optical Components for Single-Wavelength 400~600Gb/s Optical Transceivers

Winston Way; CTO, Systems, NEOPhotonics Corp, USA

Winston I. Way is the CTO, Systems, at NeoPhotonics Corporation. His current responsibility is to research and develop next-generation line/client optical transceivers (based on coherent or direct-detection higher-order-modulation formats) and ROADM architecture, all using photonic integrated circuits. He pioneered subcarrier multiplexed optical-fiber systems research at Bellcore, and was a professor at National Chiao-Tung University, Taiwan. He founded OpVista Inc. in 2000, developed and deployed DWDM system products in major MSO networks in North America. He joined NeoPhotonics in 2009. He has published over 130 journal and conference papers, and owns 30 US patents. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania. He is a Fellow of the IEEE and the Optical Society of America.




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