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Panel III: Global Market for Subsea Fiber Optic Networking Applications

Panel III: Global Market for Subsea Fiber Optic Networking Applications

Tuesday, 21 March
14:30 - 16:00

Panel Description:

Submarine optical networks form the backbone of global communication networks that connect different continents and countries. Conventional submarine networks are mainly for long distance point-to-point links. The rapid growth of the dynamic Internet traffic and IoT services not only lead to exponential bandwidth demand, but also require the network to be more flexible. As a result, submarine optical networks are evolving from the conventional static networks to more flexible ones with different distances and bandwidth requirements. Furthermore, new subsea fiber optic networking applications, such as sensing, scientific observation, security, and oil/gas exploration and production, are adding the opportunities and challenges for subsea fiber optic networks.
This Market Watch session will provide an overview of various technologies and applications in subsea fiber optic networking, such as:

  • Trans-oceanic high bandwidth data communication

  • Reconfigurable submarine optical networking and switching

  • Sensing and monitoring of subsea physical structures and systems

  • Control and data transmission between offshore and onshore oil/gas facilities and in subsea tieback system

  • Infrastructure security monitoring and intrusion detection

  • Ocean bottom scientific observation and environmental exploration





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