The Optical Networking and Communication
Conference & Exhibition

Los Angeles Convention Center,
Los Angeles, California, USA

CEI-56G - Signal Integrity to the Forefront

Tuesday, 22 March, 10:30 - 11:30
Expo Theater II
, Exhibit Hall B
Session Organized by the OIF

Session Description:

As the next generation of data rates beyond 28Gb/s were being contemplated a number of key questions arose; would the previously reliable NRZ (non return to zero) signaling continue to support our needs at 56Gb/s or would we need to entertain other solutions including higher order modulation schemes.  The OIF has faced these questions and developed a number of new 56Gb/s implementation agreements, delivering to industry a set of solutions that address a wide array of needs including different signal modulations and different reaches ranging from a few millimeters in a chip to chip implementation up to a meter in a backplane implementation.  Throughout this development work signal integrity has been the driving factor, while also debating power consumption and implementation complexity.  Also addressed have been developments for establishing test and measurement compliance methodology.  This panel will address the different solutions and tradeoffs considered for NRZ and higher order modulation as well as for different reaches.


Nathan Tracy, OIF Technical Committee Chair, TE Connectivity

Nathan Tracy has over 30 years of experience in Technology Development, Marketing, and Business Development for TE Connectivity (formerly Tyco Electronics). The initial 16 years were with M/A-COM prior to being acquired by TE Connectivity. Currently, he is a Technologist on TE's system architecture team, driving new product development for the data communications market. He also serves the Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) as the Technical Committee Chair. In addition, Nathan is involved in a number of other outside industry associations. Presently he is a regular attendee and contributor to the Ethernet Alliance, IEEE 802.3 and several industry MSAs as well as the OIF.


Tom Palkert, OIF Physical & Link Layer Working Group Vice Chair - Electrical, Molex

Steve Sekel, OIF Physical & Link Layer Interoperability Working Group Chair, Keysight Technologies

David Stauffer, OIF Physical & Link Layer Working Group Chair, Kandou Bus

Dr. Stauffer has extensive experience in the design and architecture of high speed SERDES and DDR memory interfaces. His contributions to OIF electrical interface standards span 15 years as a member of the technical staff of Kandou Bus, S.A., and in his previous position with IBM Microelectronics. He has been the chair of the OIF Physical and Link Layer Working Group since 2006, and is currently OIF Secretary/Treasurer. He has also authored contributions to both INCITS T11 Fibre Channel and JEDEC JC-16 standards organizations. Past publications include the text “High Speed Serdes Devices and Applications” (Springer, 2008).

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