The Optical Networking and Communication
Conference & Exhibition

San Diego Convention Center,
San Diego, California, USA

Promotional Opportunities

Opportunities are available on a first-come, first-served basis with right of first-refusal offered to 2017 sponsors immediately following the event. At this time, we welcome all companies to take a look at our sponsorships and to secure the right one for your company.  Be sure to reserve early and start preparing for your company's exposure at the industry's premier event.

CUSTOM SPONSORSHIPS ARE AVAILABLE! Let's work together to unlock a unique opportunity for your brand! View our 2017 Sponsorship Prospectus (Check back soon for our 2018 Prospectus!) here and contact us today at or by calling +1.202.416.1428 to discuss your business objectives and we'll build a sponsorship package that will help you achieve your goals and drive more traffic to your booth!

OFC Sales Team

2018 sponsorships include:
Awards Luncheon $27,000 SOLD
Badge Holder Inserts $22,100 SOLD
Buyers’ Guide Advertising – An unsurpassed year-round marketing investment! $500 - $12,600 Call for availability
Carpet Adhesives/Floor Decals Starts at $5,750 Available
Charging Station $15,000 2 of 2
Coffee Breaks $6,500 5 of 6 Available
Column Wraps $8,000 Call for Details
Conference Reception $22,050 1
Convention Center Hanging Signs/Banners- Indoor and Outdoor Starts at $8,000 Multiple locations
Custom Sponsorships Call for Quote Please Call for Details
Data Center Summit & Demo $38,600 1 of 1
E-Center $15,000 1
Escalator Adhesives-3 Available (D) Start at $7,750 Available
Exhibit Attendee Registration Bags $21,250 SOLD
Exhibit Hall Aisle Signs $35,000 SOLD
Exhibit Hall Map - Logo Placement $2,100 6
Exhibitor Invites Free Unlimited
Exhibitor Lounge $10,000 1
Exhibitor Rebook Social and Open House $8,000 1 of 1
Exhibitor Reception $22,050 1
Expo Theatre II $22,050 SOLD
Expo Theatre III $22,050 1
Hotel Room Keys Pricing starts at $15,000 Available
Indoor Billboards $8,000 Call for Availability
Lanyards Sponsor $36,750 SOLD
Market Watch $38,600 SOLD
Mobile App Banner $5,250 5
Network Operator Summit $38,500 SOLD
Notepads at Conference Sessions $12,000 1 of 1
Pen Sponsorship $8,000 SOLD
Pocket Guide Rear Cover Ad $12,600 1
Pocket Guide Rear Cover Ad $12,600 1 of 1
PR Opportunities Free Unlimited
PreShow Attendee Email Banner Ads $2,750 - $10,000 4 Positions Available
Product Showcases $5,750 11 of 15
Registration Area $36,750 SOLD
Registration Bag Inserts $5,750 Available
Room Drops Pricing starts at $15,000 Call for details
Technical Attendee Registration Bags $36,750 SOLD
Technical Program Ads $5,400 Available
Technical Session Slide Advertising $6,000 6 of 7 Available
Upgraded Online Company Listing $295-$495 Unlimited
Upgraded Printed Company Listing in the Buyers' Guide $500 Unlimited
USB Sponsorship $35,000 1
Wifi Sponsorship $80,000 1 of 1
You Are Here Stations- 4 Available $4,500 4

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